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I am soon invited a good friend on a 18th birthday. A friend of mine and I wanted to give her pictures from our shared childhood until today. But we do not know exactly how we can nicely "packaged". So a photo book falls away, since we find the uncreative. The images should be as visible as possible in the transfer order to manage them can already see and know what the gift is. However, should cost little to nothing the "packaging". Maybe someone has a good and creative idea! Thank you!!

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From cardboard tinker a picture frame. Or stick Each image with a drop of craft glue on a piece of paper or cardboard, a nice cover letter, punching all the leaves and stitch together!

You could maybe buy a "treasure chest" and they are doing in there !? If you like, then you can do so purely also other objects from your shared childhood.

look once in my tips on the subject! since the absolute highlight for you described two. costs a little time, but when they hingucker worth aufwandt ... have fun 1

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