Photoshop CS6 Key for $ 49.99: mega-deals or bad rip-off?!?

I am superior zuzulegen Photoshop. I discovered where I can get a download for about $ 50, a page. I thought that was something very low and wanted to ask you whether their experiences have you done with it. Thanks in advance. Http://

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That can really only be either illegal or Verarsche. In any case, no legitimate software. This would cost many times!

The regular current retail price of PhtoshopCS6 is at least € 920

On the part of Adobe, there is no more CS6. They have completely changed their Creative Cloud (CC). Here you can a certain software package, such as photo editing incl. Photoshop, buy a monthly Abonementpreis and gets over this period all updates.

So I advise this page. Moreover, I doubt that they are Microsoft certified partner :)


I would rather say that's fake. Always check first whether a confidential seller (Adobe, Amazon ...). Who should have a key selling so cheap?

For the Key. Do not you have the Photoshop software? Trial, OEM and Beta will not be accessible. In addition, Adobe has switched to online subscription

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