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Hi :) Can anyone help this task to solve me? Would be super grateful! :)

an pansies his seed grains up to 4m high schleudern.nimm at which grain required for the flight 1second and weighs 0.1 grams. With what power flings the pansies his seed grains away?

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That can not be said!

You do not know how long the pansy has taken to apply the necessary energy so that the seed leaves the plant with the speed.

Because wahrscheinlcih the plant has brought the energy in a time into the grain.

Thus P would = infinity

How long is the grain in flight depends on the gravitational acceleration of the earth, but not from the plant !!

The work required is equal to the achieved potential energy W = mgh

with m = 0.0001 kg = 10 ^ (- 4) kg and h = 4m.

The flight time is about 1.8 s. - To calculate the power, you would need

the time within which the particle is accelerated by the plant,

or how many grains are rocketed per unit time.

Watt = Kg × M × s

Watt = 0,0001Kg × 4m × 1s

Watt = 0.0004

= 0.4 mW (milliwatts)

Do you have a formula for it?

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