I tomorrow my first interview for an apprenticeship as a physiotherapist. Maybe someone of you had already a similar interview and can tell what's waiting for me all me. What are typical questions and what answer welcome? Thanks for your help!

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Typical questions are in apprenticeships always the existing knowledge about what triggered the desire for this particular training.

Sometimes the question comes after the operation. So if you know people who you just recommended this practice for an education. So if you know someone who has, or is there in treatment, then it would be good to mention a few positive points be incurred. This may also be that you know someone from the profession.

All these things can also be part of the answers to the question about the ideal career.

Issues, which may occur in any case, are:

- Why did you choose for training to become a physiotherapist?

- Why are you exactly the right candidate?

- What are your strengths / weaknesses?

In addition, to prepare for the questions I can tell you even put the following guide for the correct behavior in the interview to his heart: https: // ...

as long as you people verwurschteln the brain can do not worry: D

I suspect the usual question about your references, etc. What is the operation just "einbringst"

Strengths probably weaken.

Wish you happiness much although I can not really suffer psychodocs ^^

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