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Heii I really want to learn to play the piano. let my parents and also pay a piano lessons but they want to buy me no piano. Is understandable because it is so expensive. They would buy me a keyboard. Is the keyboard similar? So it have the same number of keys like a piano in the same position? And man can indeed change the sound piano at. Is it possible to set a piano sound? Thank you for the answer

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Do you want to seriously learn the piano, so you need sooner or later a real piano. but you can also learn keyboard that has keys, but is actually another instrument with other options. Incidentally, it is a mistake to believe that pianos are so much more expensive than electronic keyboards. A good piano (eg Yamaha) lasts a long time, as opposed to an electronic instrument. Especially cheap are often broken and soon no longer be repaired.

Keyboard is only a preamble. Since there are different types of keyboards such as workstations, arranger keyboards, beginner keyboards, synthesizers, etc.

There are now quite good digital pianos as Kawai CN 25 88 Keys & therefore a complete, weighted hammer action like the piano.

One can here quietly playing through headphones, has multiple sounds, called Lession lessons known studies that need not be voted, there are dealers buying 'as from about 60 € per month depending on the model and even some wood veneers to choose from

Other brands such as Yamaha, Korg, Casio, Roland are not bad, but depends from dealer to dealer from which most probably have Yamaha YDP as 142

Then there are also models with full closed box like the piano, otherwise these are a frame made of wood or metal and the keyboard attachment with speakers

Buy yourself but I think that an electric piano is almost the same as a piano

Yes I initially geleent on a keyboard to play. This is totally ok :) but basically a piano is much better. The piano sounds simple much better. Auserden the piano has more buttons than a keyboard. I wish you success :)

So, I play the piano and myself have a keyboard, such as a piano. My experience is that No keyboard gets copied the sound of a real own piano, so if you put a lot of emphasis on the acoustics, then piano. If you have to get a keyboard, eighth on it that it has a sequencer (Is n button where SEQ about it / it says). So you can then take same multiple tracks and superimpose and "compose" as his own pieces. It's pretty cool.

I can play nich on keyboards. And if you want a keyboard that a good sound you need to have a lot to spend on it.

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