Piano notes Schubert, who knows where?

I can buy the Noter ?? Schubert's Fantasie op 103 is reached exclusively for 4 hands geschrieben.Nun because I am very old and in the Lans GR anyway not know here knows it or playing it I would still like to play again I had it 55 years ago with my mother last time Yesterday I had played by chance the piece by 2 hands of uploaded on 09-04-2011 Sergey Kuznetsov performing Schubert's Fantasy in F minor for piano four-hands D.940, Arranged for piano two-hands by Sergey Kuznetsov. Recorded at a solo recital at the Small hall of the Moscow conservatoire on March 27, 2011. seen on youtube and belongs So there must be notes for a player somewhere, the piece was umgeschrieben.Aber Hiet in Gr. hopeless to anyone finden.Kennt from which to help man ???

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Hello, you try it once here .The have very many Noten.Und when speaking with a staff person, they give themselves a lot of effort to raise scores, they do not actually perform. (Personally called phone or in the store, in Hamburg and in Bremen there are stores.)

This is difficult to impossible. This Kahl has the marks 1965 postponed for four-hands, of course, is no longer alive. You will probably have no choice, as it independently and alone with two hands to try.

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