Pickel over 6 hours - 3 days to get rid of?

Hi guys

I know this has been asked this question hundreds of times, but it then proposes reproductions that should help within 2 days. But I have so a real problem because I in 6 hours and meet up with my girlfriend and I have :(. I know that she's my friend and the pimples is normal and I do not count on my appearance but on the inside as many pimples must ... BUT PEOPLE! It does not matter how whether these are now house products or things that I still should quickly pick from Rossmann or DM, IT iS I dO nOT cARE. I just have to 6 hours, all (most) pimples wegbekommen because I am ashamed always right for my face because it has so many pimples. I can not just buy a concealer, and then cover up. I have something at home and everytime I try, you can see the pimple anyway to cover pimples, no matter how much I also pointed dope. I tried it already 3 or 4 times with toothpaste but that does not help. If it does not go over 6 hours, then you can recommend me products that starts within 3 days hELP SHOULD. in 3 days namely the school and I do not want to look like when I go there.

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Firstly, you should know, that has much to do anything with your Sexualtität. It breaks through quasi from you. Take time period and make sure that inhibitions and problems you have with this topic. Try your hand even more extensive and deeper educate. Then the pimples are certainly less! With an honest look, to see, and with bold questioning you can do very much for you.

Next I would try covering times with a Foundation because this really covers very well. Perhaps you have the opportunity to test the spot and in front Buy.

A skin disinfectant spray leaves everything red go quickly and generally calm. Close your eyes it! Not for continuous use. And no, not a normal (surface) disinfectant spray ;-)

NOT express affected area and rub with a fresh garlic Chewy. :)

There is no miracle in this day and age.

But in the future the best that it does not come as far.

Purify your skin morning and evening with acne Ex Gesichtswasser pores deep, deep cleaning can but does not have to lead to a slight worsening. (For me it was 2 days) the deep cleaning is the foundation for good results. After deep cleansing bear the acne cream on Ex for individual pimples, there is the pimple pin, the help of nature since I'm to use I hardly pimple problems (98% less). "Makes the skin does not dry" and has a tremendous preventive effect.

Pimples do not come I think are the best.

Pharmacies Traders, Google

In six hours but no pimples disappear within 1-2 days with my personal miracle cure. The Hipp Wundschutzcreme! Is there at DM in the baby department and is soo awesome!

Cortisone ointment (Helps to about 1 day, any event, the prescription). There's up to a certain thickness can be sold in pharmacies. Stronger doctor prescribes.

I very good experience with "Ultracortenol" made (the doctor prescribes). Is actually an ointment for the eyes. I simply applied to the skin, and after about 1 day away skin problem! A miracle cure !!! (Previously I had countless failed attempts by other means)

(Cortisone has actually a rather bad image, because it will make thinner the skin with frequent use. But times apply from and to 3 days in a row is in my experience no problem).

Try it with undiluted tea tree oil and bathe with the face often and long in salt water.

There is neither a product helps within 6 hours of still helps the three days. That would be magic.

Whereby, ask a question with Hermione, who is so gifted. : D

Just the fingers and all means leave! It is possible, only worse!

My recommendation: "After Date consult a dermatologist ..."

Mach honey overnight strikes

I'm sorry, I have no answer on it, but I have exactly the same problem and before I even so make a question I remember the question so ... I'm really sorry, I can understand that: /

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