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Good mornin: D I wanted to ask you once about your personal opinion. I on the right shoulder blade a tattoo and my Nasenpircing is also on the right side (because I always take my hair on the left side ..) I want me now but a few ear piercings (eg helix, tragus) make. My question is, where would the piercings (ie which side) doing more? I'd really does not slow only one side full of piercings and tattoos have .. I am aware that I finally have to run around so and it is my decision. Thank you in advance :)

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Primarily, it is your decision and only needs you there in the end like (blah, you know you ever). Depending on your decision, several factors can be (sleeping position / Which side are you lying? Annoy the piercings possibly while sleeping ?, Hairstyle / Which side would the piercings rather see ?, pain / If a page might sensitive ?, Symmetry / Is Get symmetry very important?). Personally, I find it nicer if both ears (both sides of the body in general) are pierced more balanced, not just a "fed chops" and the other is empty, for example, I find the left three praise and a helix and right three praise and a tragus nice - but do not be too influenced by others :-)

You should slowly really should be in an age in which you can even make such decisions. It's your body and not just ripe, if you let others decide about .. Finally is the matter of taste and even if you all say here that you should do your piercings in his left ear, you'll outside of the Internet always find people which are not that nice. So you have to really make something of it no stress and just decide what you beautiful place on his own body and what is not ..

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