Pig ears or cattle ears (dog)


What's better than Kaumaterial, cattle ears or pig ears for a puppy?

I know one should feed pork because since anything is harmful for the dog inside, but that also applies to the ear?


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Pork, which was not heated to at least 70 ° C, may possibly include the Aujetzkivirus. For people not dangerous for the dog but deadly.

Dried chew, which were later heated above 70 ° C, however, have no vitamins or other nutrients more intus.

We buy cattle Ziemer, tripe, beef neck tendon dried below 70%. Cattle ears we once asked, however do not last long and be more like munched as we eat chips. So as nibbling rather unsuitable.

Cattle ears the whole raw were great though ;-)

Pig ears are very rich in fat. Furthermore, there is a risk for both, they are very auslutschen and very sticky over time. Since it can happen that they cross or lie down, the dogs choke on it. Always enter only under supervision. A Puppy I would not give both.

Neither of them!

Pig you should generally not feed, nor as dry products. The dangers were already known: Aujeszky and very high fat and calorie content.

Incorrect storage pig ears and bullwhip may have an increased salmonella. The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety in Nuremberg has investigated 324 dried Chews for Dogs a few years ago and found in more than one in ten salmonella.

Moreover, many of these dry-Chews come (all grades, not just pork) from China, were treated with the chemical mace to get them dry faster than storage aid and to pests.

Go to the butcher and fetch the dog once a fresh calf sternum or bovine cartilage. the taste and good for him.

no pig ears! reasons you SUFFICIENT called .. my puppy got fresh Necks, chicken and the violets chopped wings (raw)

Where do you live, otherwise you can also upload to a near, for example, to a barf invite Bowl or so and buy there. but I würdd minor things for a puppy take ...

My dog gets basically nothing pork, better safe than sorry! Puppies need to be brought up slowly to "chew", they tend to swallow and must learn to consume Chew gradually only!

My puppies I have given first Kauobjekt to gnaw raw chicken stomachs. The are very tough, not too nutritious and well suited as a core element.

Then I gave him a 30 cm long Ochs Ziehmer, which was part of the length of the entire puppy .... Short emerged from the kitchen, it belongs Würgegerräusche and saw stunned and horrified: The puppy has swallowed the huge ox Ziehmer in full ... Although !!! the part came in the same way back again, but caution is the better part of valor!

What goes in puppies very well and will gladly taken that these small rods from bovine scalp. Also, there are of the same material "shoes" to buy, with which it already able to employ a full time. They are made quite nice, the individual parts are connected by thin "threads" from bovine skin, perfect for small dogs' snouts. However, I think the educational value of these "shoes" rather questionable ... :)

Later cattle ears are okay.

About the Aujetzkivirus was already written for the sole reason you should feed them anything from pork.

Next point would be of very high fat content.

Often the dried things come can be bought at the online merchant or as Pet of China. There they are with man-handled by eg the drying speed or as prevention against insect infestation.

If you tell your dog what good do want, go to the butcher you trust and get there as rumen, omasum, cattle scalp cattle ears or (raw). Beef heart can be as dry well at home;)

For puppies I would not recommend it because the teeth can break down

My puppy did not even get the ears small. I then just meat dried.

Today they get now and then fresh ears with ear and fur.


For none certainly not by two and pig pups.

Dangerous chewing fun: http://www.tierarzt-gettorf.de/aktuelles-kleintierpraxis

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