Pill exactly after 7 days dosing instructions?

Hi I have 21 taken my pill days, I have exactly 7 days to wait until the next I suppose? Because I always take them when I get in the pill break my day (I always get the pill pause) As I said days exactly after 7? thank you

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Do I have to do that? Because I have now always done that I have taken my pill when I got my day, or play since my days not matter?

If you do the bsp. take the last time you have to take it in the week after on Wednesday on a Tuesday

You have no one-week pill break mavhen. 3-4 days go.

you sound bit haphazard at, so I know times still a few things out ok :)

- If you do not use the pill as a contraceptive but to make weaker your day or your skin is to improve everything so bad. take the pill irregularly not you should nevertheless, because your cycle wrecking (irregular hormonal fluctuations = not good). if you wish to sell it, you should also have a gyn. make on time and not just stop to take

- (!) If you forget the pill to take or take them too late, the protection for the next 7 days is not guaranteed, then again already

- Depending on the pill is the time frame in which you can nachnehmen them differently (in my 8 hours) - read this leaflet to your pill!

- If you vomit in the next few hours after pill ingestion or diarrhea, thine has body they have not yet received, and it is as if you had not taken them! -> Again the next week no protection

- The pill has interactions with some medications (johanniskraut and most antibiotics for example) that limit the effect of the pill or cancel! ie pill + eg antibiotic = no protection

- Sperm survive for up to 5 days in your body, that you can have up to 5 days "later" become pregnant (if you sit less than 5 sex had and the pill Password / vomit / a antibiotic begin etc.) !!

- The "pill after" may meet in the next 3 be taken after fertilization (possible). take chances, dus not make but because it is a massive intervention in your cycle. you get only on prescription, so make time NEN schedule if you are unsure and sag in the schedule award also what your occasion

you your daily get is exactly the sense of the pill break

reassume days the pill after 7 you need anyway, no matter how strong you your daily had (can indeed because stress and between bleeding times fail)! no tag later, you can shorten think I already (so even if you want to change the time of day, rather 12 hours accept earlier than 8 later).

the 7 days are 7 days break. So I catch eg always on MI at, taking the last on DI (days to 21) and catching the next pallet at MI of next week on.

Because I always take them when I get in the pill break my day

Please what?!

Ever read the leaflet?

Your "days" you no longer get with pill.

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