pill [levomin20] & Medicine [Cotrim forte]

Hi first! Okay first, I'm sorry I've been something about the combination pill + Cotrim Forte read this forum but never found something what my situation describes. Therefore, I am sorry to annoy again you hereby. My Situation- with me was at 3.03. a pyelonephritis / cystitis found. get Hab same evening from the hospital nor the drug "Cotrim forte ratiopharm" [sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim +] and taken in the evening the same one. I firmly believed that my pill [levomin 20; Ethinylestradiol + Levonorgestel] does not work and have also prevented. Since I and my friend but both find this totaaaaal annoying today I was at the gynecologist, this meant it was her not at the conscious that one there will have to wait very long .. Now I have but sovviel read that I am confused Mega like now with the effect looks. Perhaps I can since someone help :-) [have Cotrim forte taken 6 1/2 days] Many thanks in advance in advance :-)

And please spare you and me all unnecessary comments.

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So I already had a kidney infection plus urinary tract infection. I also get antibiotics. Since it is always so that one should also avoid, since it no longer acts by the drug pill 100%

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