Pill pay despite resin 4?

Hello first .... I've got a question ... maybe you can send me help ..... I am 20 years old and have a 2 year old daughter I get resin 4 .... and I get so around 450 € a month for me and my daughter .... and it is always very close .... and let's say around 40 euros for half a year pill is a lot of money ... my question is now there is a possibility the the kk which takes over?

Thank micht you in advance for all tips and answers;)

The best answer

You can stelen the welfare office a request.

Proposal to gibts da:

http: //www.hartz4hilfthartz4.de/cms/html/hartz-iv-4-alg-ii-verhuetungsmittel.htm ...

Application for reimbursement according to § 49 SGB XII

This should now be introduced only in so far as I know that you do not have to pay themselves it in this case.

no, kk does not assume the pill.

to put it quite crass to say: if you have no money for the pill, the man must take hold condom or her completely dispensed with the GV. that's nothing vital.

I can not go and say, I have no money for the amusement park and that I do not min. a time in the month have fun, that's not at all yes

I thank you with all my heart: *

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