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Hi, the following question: I had at 22:03 (Sunday) sex with my girlfriend, she takes the pill. It was located at the time in the pill break and has again taken the first pill on 25/03. but was sick and broke, unfortunately, we no longer know at what time exactly, and whether before or after ingestion, it was u definitely the evening. The pill she takes at 21:00 and at 22:03 we had our last sex ,

My question now is whether something may be happening .. only now noticed Fair inaccurate description of the whole, but the whole is me comically on a screenshot.

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Normally, the pill also protects during the break. If your girlfriend should have been broken but the pill on the first Einahmetag, then that is to be considered as a revenue failure in the first week. In the case of protection going for 7-days lost thereafter, as well as retroactive protection for the 7 days before.

Your friend must try to remember the order in which the pill and vomiting were.

For the "morning after pill" it is too late in any case - if ye can no more remember, only a pregnancy test about 3 weeks after the GM remains.

pill is very safe if taken regularly. a 100% protection, however, there in no contraceptive.

The best is a combination of pill and condom. The condom protects indeed against disease. Alsoam best condoms against stds and for fall, that it should break, the pill so that your girlfriend is not pregnant. Tip: Never pull 2 ​​condoms over each other. Due to the friction between the two condoms the danger of tearing is much higher than previously

  • This is a difficult situation. During the break, it is protected in any case. The pill is created by the hormones ago, the concentration of hormones is so high in the free time still, the remains of the protection.
  • The problem is the failure in the first week. If she has not complied with the 4 hours, the effect may be reduced. You must for this error, the 7 - Day comply rule. Say it is protected again after 7 again correctly ingested pills and then must also prevent. Since you had previously sex, pregnancy can arise. Sperm can survive in the body, if the conditions are favorable for a few days. For the morning after pill, it is too late.
  • You should make for safety in 14 days a pregnancy test.
  • Even if she gets her bleeding, this does not necessarily confirm anything about a possible pregnancy. This bleeding is artificially caused by the drop in hormone concentration. Therefore, it can occur despite pregnancy. However, it is then usually changed. It is then usually weaker, the color is like changed or even non-existent. Although as I said this bleeding is artificial, the body tries to maintain the pregnancy and therefore struggle to contain or prevent the rejection of the mucosa. Oh frequently occur typical symptoms such as breast tenderness or even nausea.
  • You should now only once following the 7-day rule. This is true even if they had diarrhea in the 4 hours after ingestion, has forgotten to take or must take medication that may affect the action. And as I said, it is to please do a test. Is she pregnant she must leave the pill first. You can otherwise lead to deformities. And after 14 properly ingested pills she goes only protected in their break.

you had at 22:03 sex and tried until now to find out whether what happened? if so, it is definitely too late for the pill afterwards and you can only wait and NEN gyn. make schedule.

on the other hand makes it vomit BEFORE the pill ingestion anything and THEREAFTER also only in the first 3 hours maximum, I think. medications are indeed absorbed fairly quickly, so act painkillers also within an hour.

So sure is nothing. va because the 5 days that can survive the sperm (ie in the event until 27.03 - 2nd day of the new cycle) are only a maximum value and a fertilization is safe not even when all the general conditions are met.

So yes, easily makes nen schedule and try to distract them. which is even more stressful than for you safe for them.

You condom soe pill and then go the already

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