Pinworms ..... fourth attack since November


yesterday I once again found pinworms with my son. Slowly, I am at a loss. For the first time we had this almost 5 months ago. We got drugs (Helmex), washed hab, cleaned, children moved .... In early January, the animals were returned. Again the same game. End of February renewed infestation. So I re-cleaned and washed, and even the rooms with a contact poison from the pet store (actually for stables etc. intended) sprayed. Should allegedly eggs and reptiles of all kinds kill .... Now I have rediscovered what ....

What do I do now?


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Own garden or their lives on the edge. I do not know where you buy fruits and vegetables, maybe that is related. You must first know where the source of infection could be, then you can treat it specifically. because somewhere it has to come so that it occurs again and again.

Are there other drugs against worms, maybe they are already resistant. And give the drug always long enough. Ask your pediatrician.

The doctor is the right person. For he knows the exact history, so what drugs when, how often, how much occupied as long. "Contact poison from the pet store" is also more likely to

to use caution. Intended for stables? There exists good and permanent aeration as opposed to the nursery or bathroom. Again, the physician should be able to recommend appropriate means, for example, also be used in surgeries.

It would be better to discuss it with a doctor

Because it renders useless the hold up in the intestines and are often added to the food. Sausage meat etc.

Of course, the toilet disinfect etc. so that no one infects, pay attention to the underwear when washing

Washing hands, always, when you were out there, but that's clear!

This W were probably never really eradicated.

Go make it to the pediatric clinic and especially after each treatment at least 2 test, which are poorly discernible. In the intestine, there are plenty of opportunities to stay unetdeckt despite med. Treatment.

On the topic you can sometimes see here in my answer with respect to infection and measures.

https: //www./frage/wuermer-am-po--angst- foundin = answer-listing # ans ...?

Toys, insofar as it goes in the dishwasher (everything is made of plastic). All things with Dettol spray. Observe your child if he scratches his butt and then immediately wash hands.

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