Pirated in South America. All Illegal?


I spent a lot of time in Peru and have often seen stalls where DVDs and music are sold, but not in its original packaging. Should probably be all pirated. The sold in public places, where the police always turn passes and nothing happens! All illegal; but no cares so? If I were to buy and take with and controlled by Germany would, I would surely get a penalty! What did you do for an opinion on this matter?

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Whether that is there legally or illegally, is actually completely banana. Schleppst you here purely on a trip, you have a problem, because that is illegal, introduce pirated - it does not depend on it, whether you like these have earned legally or illegally.

And there seems to worry anyone, but so far you have not go. go look at the Chinese market on the border with the Czech Republic. There are also rum and no one cares.

Is there in Russia also, pirated at any kiosk. Nobody cares; therefore the DVDs come sooner and cheaper to trade than elsewhere, so that the originals ever someone buys: http://board.gulli.com/thread/707165-was-ist-eigentlich-r5/

I think that should bring anywhere cheap DVDs on the market

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