Pizza dough does not succeed in the oven

Although it is actually a cheek on a Monday to talk already about Saturday, but it must be.

I suggested that we could make next Saturday again pizza itself, which, however, does not meet with great against love, because the pizza with us unfortunately rarely succeed when it comes to baking.

We always have 2 baking trays full of pizza, the 1st in the center, the second under, at 200 ° C and forced air (higher does not work because Kaputt is namely something on the controller inside gone, so that at 200 °, a resistor) ,

Anyway, I can see the last time that the vapor from the lower plate to the Upper Condensed, and again rained down (The top was homemade dough, the lower was for experimental purposes a baking mix from the supermarket). And by the lining of the Lower was never really crispy.

Any ideas to Friday, as the pizza could succeed, the way is any Bosch stove with oven, ca. early 2000s.

Unfortunately, a new furnace is not purchase option.

The best answer

Zuerstmal to the regulator.

Do you have the time to clean and abgehabt it plugged in again? It is possible that you have not plugged it the button "right", I would check times, turn of due Resistances at.

That the lining should be crisp, I do not know, but if you like it ... but he can never be crusty if too much steam is (steam) in the oven.

My tip:

Oven as high heat as it goes, heat the sheet metal on the bottom rail, insert a grid on the top rail.

Preparing Pizza, give it a thin layer of cheese between the lining and with tomato smeared floor, so that the dough does not durchsuppt. Each pizza individually prepare for baking paper.

When the oven is really hot Pizza Nr. 1 can slide on the hot plate (a second sheet zuhilfe take) and bake. When the cheese runs times raise with the slide and see if the tray from the bottom has the right tan. If yes, move to the Pizza auxiliary sheet and continue baking on top of the grate and Pizza No.2 onto the tin.

Look out for 2, 3 minutes if Pizza Ranked # 1 from above looks like you want it, if so, out with it, if not, continue baking after feeling.

So you verfährst until all pizzas are baked.

If you can not fully turn on the oven, never two plates with pizza will succeed at the same time and then only maybe if a recirculation is available.

Better: You check the second sheet with pizza only in the oven, if you have the first brought to the finished pizza out.

is really not easy, because the pizza is heated in the professionals mostly in stone oven or at least on a flagstone.

Forget it, so I know my way around. Everything below 250 degrees is nothing for Pizza. You have to prepare the dough so to the temperature which you use in baking. A long rest period, before baking, 4 hours approximately,

The longer a pizza spends in the furnace, the more you lose the taste. Even with low temperature in the baking tray, is nothing.

Purchase you prefer a reasonable furnace, at best up to 300 degrees

Either individually bake - or if a lot of people want to start at the same time to eat, after half of the baking time replace the plates. Preheat oven also helps.

So I find pizza always tastes better when you do each separately in the oven. Divide but bake each one and then you can successively

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