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Hey .... First excuse me for my spelling.

The question is also a trifle stupid ...

I myself own beats and songs and Recorde with some friends from Make and ....

I have to go from the school a compulsory internship ... because I thought I could be there with the matter still sat a bit more collapse or drift apart and although my duties cook more coffee would ü.ä, I could still take a little bit and learning...

Then I had the first recording studio in mind but that is rather more masters and so

Which profession kan I bring the most experience and learn something which help to me for my own music !! ????

Studio / sound equipment / mediengestalter ???

I look forward to ne answer .... Thanks !!!

The best answer

Definitely not Mediengestalter: D because you sit around all day and editing images. How about event technology or you go really in a recording studio

Just go once to watch TV! You would not believe how important sound on television. I work in television and must together human nipples so that they match the length of the video and still super sound (and you do not hear the audio interface) also frequently music. must booms always someone and many - especially regional - television stations happy about someone who once fishing the sound and perhaps also casts an eye on the level. We also had time for an intern who himself composed songs and in clubs auftritt..der has already designed the music for a commercial itself. You should only specify in the application or in an interview that you know your way because something and they love going to bring you in this regard - then you realize well for themselves whether something is needed. Look at you if it is near a regional station with you.

Most likely you'll find an interesting internship in a major theater near you. Drop by sound engineering, video, technical management etc. Example:

Since you can be there live in the samples, see the artists, technicians, the whole team and how all must work together. Especially you learn the different divisions of the piano soloist on special electronic arrangements to large orchestra know.

Ev. you are even cheap tickets for shows and concerts.

Much fun and success mary

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