Plant can kill the dog?

A friend told me that there are poisonous plants, the dogs of himself eating and die. Is there such as what plants and Heisen this? Thank you so much!

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Yes, there are many such plants. Normally the dogs eat not, some, however, tend to what rumzukauen, especially on houseplants. Therefore have no place in an apartment with dog poisonous plants! Poisonous plants include yew (very toxic! Quick deadly!), Foxglove, laburnum, belladonna, colchicum, boxwood, etc.

Important happen Most poisonings not by the dog self-recorded plants in nature, but by poison baits (rat poison) or by feed accordingly !! Highly toxic and even fatal can be for dogs grapes, raisins, avocado, bitter almonds and cocoa! Still, chocolate is first dangerous in itself, be careful you have at chocolate only if it contains a lot of pure cocoa, so the stuff out of the pod. These include, for example, or some Schokocouverture precious chocolates. Still, if your dog nibbling only a piece of milk chocolate is not bad. The dog of a colleague (Chihuahua) has once eaten a whole bar of milk chocolate. Then she had a slight amount of indigestion, but toxic that was not. If your dog eats chocolate times, not to panic but look how much cocoa is included and how does the dog.

Typical signs of poisoning include hyperventilation (strong Panting), apathy, fever, agitation, foaming at the mouth or in general too much saliva. Should your dog have it so it, from the vet or the nearest clinic! In plants such as yew already rich few grams for the death of (also applies to humans, dogs and cats and rodents. Only birds get's as far as I know) So do not wait but quickly in treatment! Much can be done in cases of poisoning is not, but already an infusion and certain Medicare can help.

As I said, by itself is not the dogs eat something prop. but give pass on when other people the dog something they know one probably not from the toxic effects of grapes, avocado and Co.

Unfortunately, there are dogs that try to eat anything (vacuum cleaner), especially as puppies. Others do not mind. Each dog is different. Yet here:

Sure, there are plants that are toxic to dogs. But the animals are usually so smart that they do not eat them. And it was the dog a meat is synonymous ehr eaters and rarely collects ore plants.

A certain plant that dogs eat like and that is fatal, there is not. But of course there are poisonous plants, even deadly poisonous, even for people.

There are dogs who will eat anything ... ^^ And there are lots of toxins, their inclusion can be fatal for the dog! This must be no plants, now in winter it is enough for a small dog when he laps antifreeze from the street ... ^^

For you that means "easy" to be faster than your dog and to be able to regulate their food intake! Outside is only eaten what you freely give!

... Poisonous plants for dogs you can googling! :)

Xylitol, birch sugar is also toxic!

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