Plants Frost only hours below zero

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I planted some berries in the garden and now it will be evening 1-2h according to weather forecast at -1 ° today.

Two plants are still very small, but all are under 40cm.

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Hello, basically are zBsp. but strawberry plants winterize all other heimichen berry plants, respectively. hardy. As long as they are not on bloom, you need to remember about some frost to worry. Of this they will recover, if it makes them anything.

What do you do with the berries in the winter? Since you do not write, whether it is Australian or African plants, I suppose that you planted stinknormale strawberries indeed survive the frost in winter and yes even in nature. With a fleece you had the young plants can cover, so that the soil is not so much auskühl, but on the whole it does not hurt the plant.

Which berry plants Him / bromine / Spine / Johannis berries keep frost from

The result of the frost will you see the latest in a few days! Where now the question arises for me: Why You prepare these abounded with plant species not overnight from? For example, with a bucket.

You should perhaps have written to WHAT berries you planted, and when you have the planted. Native soft fruit is normally hardy.

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