playing in the dog

Huhu, I again.

My dog ​​Jack Russell castrated two years got used two months our growth bitch and also won the right loving.

Now comes the play of course really begins. At first it was a romp and growl.

Now take my dog ​​to the head of our short in the mouth. Biting into her legs she pulls on the ground. Rumpelt them to.

He now face of your "bites" worries me. I've never had more than one dog.

but always goes back to him

What do you think about the game behave?

The best answer

Our Peki mix dog can always nibble of my Terrier bitch and our Great Dane and calls the a. And if only play the little ones, it sometimes sounds as if they would tear each other apart ^^

Normally, this is no reason to worry when two dogs (especially Terrier) slightly coarser play together as long as they do not injure yourself and / or the dog not let your dog alone.

If you you still not uneasy, you could try times can sit and watch a dog trainer. The would have to tell you, if it really is just a game or if you need to do something about it.

Or you film it (several times) and show the video (the video) the coach (or your veterinarian).

I also have two dogs and know that very well. My dog ​​grew up with an older dog and later a puppy came about.

That a dog takes the snout of the other in the mouth is normal. Looks worse than it is. Also, the "bite" into the jaw and is then pulled or bitten in the throat - is absolutely normal.

Biting into the legs and pull away, is the favorite pastime of mine. Has he done to her when she was a puppy and now it is at 10 months, and they do it mutually.

Dogs learn in the game a lot.

I read below that it has 30cm and 20cm and they continue to play with him. Go times assume that there never was injury. Then you must you worry. Dogs go very rude to with each other.

I visit sometimes the family of my Rüdens. Live there his older siblings, his mom and two younger nieces. There are then 7 dogs and you have to let's see how the interact. As is bitten, pinched, growled, whined, pulled feet and and and ...

And if a young dog is too naughty, then is also disciplined and listens and looks really hard.

When people sometimes look like my two in the meadow chasing each other and fighting with each other (he ca, 70cm high, 60cm by now) then get some fear, thinking that kill each other - but the two have a reißigen fun.

So all good. If the Small should recede and seeking protection with you - only then you should intervene and their gewähren- protection but only then. Of course, if the child generally lies on his back and he always strikes, then you should him sometimes masturbate. And if he ascends and often, then you should also engage times. But otherwise - sit back and enjoy the sight of the two playing dogs.

My two dogs play sometimes quite "rough" with each other and the elder draws the younger the leg and they bite when playing each other in the lips.

As the puppy behaves in this situation?

What is the size ratio of the two dogs? Has the bitch a "chance" or plays as a Great Dane with a chi?

Hi I think your dog bullying the small ...... She is 8 weeks old still arg young and can contrast yes hardly defend, as a puppy, she is also automatically an animal without rank in the pack .... Your dog uses the out and they go to again and again. You have to when to bunt will go in between, so that the small can learn to trust you and is not so ill use by males. Problem is that the puppy yes 1 month, leave too early ...... the da have en Baby, from human view and an adult hooligan who should not be playing together, at least not yet, given that they are so well can hardly be done in the vaccinated age .....

He now face of your "bites" worries me

sometimes go dogs playing with each other for very rough. This is normal and nothing to worry about! Even if they bite, growl and bark thereby, that's perfectly normal dog behavior!

I would recommend that you read books on dog behavior!

Jacky's play very rough. That looks really brutal.

As long as the dog does not begin not shout going before Schnerz and then he lets you need not worry.

When dogs with each other fighting it is noisy only show about 90%. Are they shut it gets dangerous.

My two have tours because it looks as if they were torn to pieces. As already came spaziergängeb and asked if I wanted to engage in beißerei. I consciously to only not what they meant. Han them explained that they only play and it sounds worse than it is.

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