PLL or Vampire Diaries or an entirely different series?

heyyy x

I soooooo like it to begin a season. I just decision difficulties between PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and VAMPIRE DIARIES. I can not decide which I (first) is to look at me simply. Both may also be too expensive ... Well never mind first I have to decide for one season ... What do you like for better or what can you recommend? Or you have another season as a default?

Thanks in advance:) x

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That's wircklich hard :) I know both series and it really all depends on what you have pleasurable. Personally, I find vampire diaries better.

I would you also recommend Pretty Little Liars. This is my absolute favorite show! The first three seasons you get at amazon now for each € 9.99 ^^

So I know both series and Pll attracted me incredibly and indeed much more than tvd. I streamed on burning series since the scales were too expensive

I personally find Vampire Diaries better :)

The first season of PLL will cost 11.99 Euro

If you then sbevorziehst mystical VAMPIRE DIARIES! Otherwise, if you secrets and dramas love PLL

and check out necessarily SUPERNATURAL ON! :) Has everything.

Pretty Little Liars !!!! Will blow your mind !!!

Tvd ︝

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