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I have an offer to work in a cafe. I am a student and it's my first part-time job, no experience so far in catering. That's why I get only times only € 6 and not as the experienced staff 8-9 € (increase of 1 € for a year, 2 € to 2 years, at some point +3 € possible). I know it is minimum, but if the employer refuses and I insist on it, but then he did not provide me ??

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Under 18 without qualifications you get no statutory minimum wage.

If you are under 18, you do not get the minimum wage! And yes, if you insist, you will not get the job.

Who told you actually the crap that you get minimum wage? Read over the following through and be glad that you get so much money.

http: //www.datev.de/portal/ShowPage.do pid = dpi & nid = 167699 & stat_Mparam = ex ...

This is a mess! Only as a trainee needs the coffee not you pay the full reward! And you're not an intern, if you are to fully cooperate

There are exceptions

http: //www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article135886199/Das-sind-die-Ausnahmen-v ...

Students fall as in there

but if the employer refuses and I insist on it, but then he did not provide me ??


but you have the still report so that you can show that you're a good citizen drone

If you are a minor, no minimum wage applies. Are you of legal age, he is. No ifs and buts.

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