poisoned dog?!? What to do?

In brief: my dog ​​ran ne hour long winselnt through the area and has now laid. Was he poisoned? Can we help him? The next outstanding veterinarian is 2-3 hrs away thanks schonma

The best answer

That with the 2-3 hours is either devised or not researched enough. Google times after an animal clinic near you - that exist in every major city, so maybe 30-40 minutes and certainly not 2-3 hours.

Ride now to the vet, otherwise you might have soon a dog less!

Ps: why is observed only for an hour, as the dog whines without doing something ?!

"The next outstanding veterinarian is 2-3 hrs away" --- this is NONSENSE! There is a veterinary emergency service in every city!

People? You need to judge me nich. I would kill for my dog. But I was not at home but poland near by. I am also 15 and not omniscient. Moreover icb my dog ​​just wanted to help. And it goes well again. My mother has very quickly found out what was the problem.

you live at the end of the world ???

the moisten veterinarians -there a notdienst calls you, and you go out also if it lasts long -instead of waiting for the eldend dies dog!

Here, since no one knows what is your dog, or if he has anything at all, will probably remain only the animal hospital.

"... Can we help him? The next outstanding veterinarian 2-3 hrs away thanks schonma."

You could even, if your want as would ... ^^

Where do you live for? What Pampa Germany because the vet light years away ?!

Dog in the car and a speedy recovery for the nose!

With poisonings ... Should without IMMEDIATELY to consider the TA persists .. No ifs and buts. Every minute counts because ...

wait quietly until tomorrow ... if it is then pegged the night on miserably you know that it was poisonous or similarly effective.

Each holder responsible schobn would be long gone on the

he Maybe afraid so I would ask neighbors whether've seen what and to the vet!

You worry so bad to worry about the dog ???

Surely you've got the phone number of the Veterinary Emergency Service already lined up ...

On computer you sit but only to the nearest for you animal hospital with 24-hour service to be found ...

You should all try to help your dog. The best in the animal hospital. Google is best where the next is! And HAUL !! It's about your dog !!

Yes, when it came to my dog ​​badly, I drove in the middle of the night and no sense of direction in a neat distant veterinary clinic.

That I alone decided I did not ask here before ...

Almost every veterinarian offers emergency, look, that you bring your pet to go.

How do we know if the dog was poisoned. If you love him and do not want to torment him, then grabs him in the car and ride with him to the vet, no matter how far he's gone.

click Google.de and the nearest clinic approach and indeed now and not a minute later. Should he have eaten poison, is the immediate measure to the doctor and that in the shortest time. Get well for the dog

From accessible to the nearest emergency service Tierärtzlichen.

Immediately to the vet without further unstände

Calls and are to come vlt

Immediately pull out !!!!!!! why you are thinking about as yet ??

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