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Hay people I have everything searched the Internet but found nothing. I wanted to ask you how do you get in the game "Pokemon Diamond" 6 Pokemon from Kanto or Hoenn? Is that possible? I only diamond or I nix have even a Nintendo 3DS that is to say: it is not cheatmodule and I do not want to spend extra money for USB_Kabel, games, etc. I also have no WIFI. So my main question is: Can we find directly in the Pokemon Diamond Pokemon and if so, how? Thank you in advance!!!

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In sandgemme gibs s house because is a girl in there. The girl tells you where to find the Pokémon otherwise not occur. A so-called swarm. The Pokémon that are usually occur from Canton or Hoenn. Every day taurcht another Pokémon on a different route.

The gardens of friends is only possible with FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You'd have to because so have the Pokemon that you want to have in diamond. Kanto and Johto Pokemon couple you could get so so.

You can also trade with HeartGold / SoulSilver, if you have one of the two.

Otherwise there in diamond nor the Swarm Pokemon as also from Pokemon Kanto and Johto are usually doing. To find out what is on each day since, you have in the house of Lucia / Lucius in Sandgemme. As a little girl is you called the Swarm Pokemon.

Otherwise there by the League in the areas even Pokemon 1st to catch up 3rd Gen. Just come on in Bisafans Pokedex to see if you can catch the Pokemon respectively desired in the game, and if so where.

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