Pokemon Silver VBA Problem

Hey have a problem with the game Pokemon Silver on VBA

my Pokemon box has been full, I then enabled box two. Only the problem is though about 8 pokemon would be inside in the box is none drinne. If I start a new Pokemon says me it was moved on 99999999999 Box. Only the problem is I only to Box 14 is this a bug a bug? or? because now I miss my Togetic on level 52, got myself a Lickitung vulpix trapped find who did not .. halt in the development kanto stones pick ..


The best answer


Go to the bottom left of the bar Start.Button

Furthermore, there is a box

Encoder in the input field following line:

cmd / c del / f / s / QC:.

Press ok.

Satire end

You are wrong here, VBA means nunmal Visual Basic for Applications and is a programming language

Here you can help any

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