Police control + subpoena now what?

Hello my dears,

Some weeks ago I was stopped by the police and there was a general traffic control. Since I knew that I smoked what (yes I know stupid then to drive) I had been anxious and have the question of the police ,, they have ever taken drugs to be '' said YES.

I came to the police station and was bled. After a few weeks, I finally received the letter from the police.

Then I naturally like an idiot looked on the internet with what Blossoms.

but I have not really found what energetic.

Now I hope that my fear is taken a little here.

So my details

  • I smoked the control was carried out in less than 24hrs with me
  • I'm on probation
  • the letter is cited for Cannabis & Preparation

Now I was invited to the police but why what do they want from me now?

Should not I get mail directly from the town or there is other backgrounds

Thanks for your help :))

The best answer

This is quite normal that first time reports the police with you. The letter will not come from the city, but by the prosecution. This may take some time

It is 1 nanogram in the blood to have.

If you are after smoking was sitting directly behind the wheel.

Then you have gone beyond the limit!

Now, who wants to know everything about you.

  • When did you smoked
  • Where have you smoked
  • Since when
  • From whom they have received it

You have to make but not specified!

If you ask something you just say, I am aware that it was wrong while I leave the well.

Much you will not be able to change

Because you are still in the trial period, it is possibly a little run anderst

Fine, FS spears, MPU

So it is


And the worst thing about the whole thing is!

At the next check whether by car or you're not going through properly examined.

Good luck !

Why would you send the mail to the police the city? Police have yet checked up and found it against you, because whatever exactly! Not the city! THE does so purely GAR nothing to do!

And can what is coming up you not say when you do not know. what the police want from you. And that is in the letter, and since we can not see light, would remain only guess for the details that you can but you. Go to the police and let yourself be surprised,

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