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Hi, I wanted to know if it is straftbar in Switzerland, if you walk around with police clothing hostile times. For example, T-shirts are meant by the words: "ACAB" or "FCK CPS". Thnx & Peace

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As Dirty Ghetto Child I would not bother if it is allowed or nicht.Wo because remains the Ghetto Style?

And hopefully you never come times tempted the police having to call because somebody blew one probably, or has your home / car broken. Think about it & Peace

Why You attract no T-shirt with the inscription "Stop Anarchy" or confine you to "normal" clothes?

Thank someone knows yet whether it is a criminal offense to participate in an unauthorized demonstration? It is also prohibited if you are staying only been near the demo? Thx


nö Steam nöd, I'd ez eifach times ned zuuu provokannt for de boy demit umelaufe

Is ACAB not an acronym for "all colors are beautiful"?

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