Pony lunging (Iceland Pony)

Hello and although I have a question for lunging: I have an Iceland pony is not running clock Clear lunging and to go always held in the trot to amble to wechseln.Ich not longiere him out tied as he to time has no side reins and still young is and will only be used to side reins muss.Habt her advice as his gaits could be Clear beat thank lg.Anne

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For me it was even so, it has helped first to run with the horse one round (next to the horse) and beautiful praise! And lunging best double lunge if you want to take the tölt Longen solid in the hand he takes the head high and just röltet. If you want to trot then you have lied relent then knows the horse de distinction between trot and tölt. And nice big tours lunge as great as it works!

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