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Hello people am 15 years and doing the gym strength training. Today, however, my performance was really bad. I usually do eg with biceps with barbell almost every set of 3 with 10 repetitions. Today I've done in the first 6 and the last two after a long break 9 ... with the other exercises I had to struggle properly or belongings they partially failed. Have already known wondered who thought either lying because I've been drinking alcohol at the weekend, which I do not really imagine that I have been drinking on Saturday and Sunday and not today's Monday or that it was eating at ... I ca started at 3:30 to train and got to 1:30 already amgefangen to eat ... I write that in as much detail as I am pleased to know what is the reason that today my performance was much worse than usual ... I hope I can help jmd :)

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So for me (also 15), it is always when I EGTL no desire n bissl'm sick what had been drinking and not properly warm up had carried, the more of them come together, the worse I am in training, also it also depends how much you really drunk. I have with me after Carnival do not get everything right the way I wanted;) Hope I could help :)

How many times a week do you work for? I have it for a long while by wrong I trained too often. I have my body not given the opportunity to regnerieren and that has a negative impact on my muscle building. Training breaks are extremely important for the body, otherwise it is counterproductive! It could also be that you fall sick. Cold / flu, etc., then it is normal that your body is weak during this time and you can not achieve the performance that you can do otherwise. In this case you should rest right only, otherwise the damage your heart! Otherwise, could something go wrong with your diet. Are you eating enough vegetables and fruit? Proper nutrition is indispensable for a competitive athlete! The best training in the world brings you pure nothing, if you do not feed yourself properly.

Power fluctuations are quite normal in all areas. The next or the next time will be better again's.

Bad day but by alcohol you're messing you quite a bit of force überleg next time before you drink google Easy Carry alcohol and fitness fits namely 0

Bad day does not have aufgewärmt.Für toning is a kaloriebüberschuss 500 habenb 2 g of protein per body weight.

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