Pouncing, a dog run prohibited?

Huhu. If a playful dog starts someone without damage to property which is contrary then against something. And if a dog, for example, suddenly drags to a child and the child then or similar scares or falls, it is therefore contrary to any applicable law or so?

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du alls holder to anyway always guilt, no matter what.

you have your dog seemingly under control, please get yourself help.

If the child falls down and starts zubschreien will quickly runerzählt his dog has bitten, then you really anger at the neck.

I hate it when just jump me strange dogs and fold along the dog and the owner. My Dog allowed me to start prompt, then strange dogs may not even. Imagine Just imagine your dog jumps an old Omma and the falls and breaks something.

vorallen there are people who panic before hundr have and there is already a dog hater distribute the poison, and any untrained dog (because owner is too stupid to educate) foments fear and hatred and it get from innocent, brave dogs.

I've had so many of the side anhelabert that my dogs are dangerous because they aussehn as sheepdogs. I then look my force Grumpy, with her ball in its mouth, the kind with the Schwanzwedelt. When I say nix do my. always comes: many say, and I was still bitten.

Please ensure that your dog behaves sorg. I do not feel that more dog haters poison rumwerfen just because you nichz educated your dog.

You probably violates the leash.

As long as the dog has this habit, you should take him to the canvas. You are liable for soiled clothing or if a child falls so and injured.

So in this particular case it was a question that suddenly rüberzog the dog to a small child but does not start or similar .. It startled very.

No all good but that should not make a good plated dog :) If it starts because should do something about the education :)

There are quite people who feel the Pounce of a dog as a threat. And quite frankly, if it were my child, would be afraid for your dog now, you would obtain very nice to hear something from me. And a tip to the clerk's office of the municipality would be in there too.

It is already damage to property when I kicks a dog and dirty with his paws clothes.

Injury is up, I would say. The dog owner is liable for.

Best dog wean start the. Not everyone wants to be skipped :-)

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