Power Club + what's this?

I have page netzclub over a year. Since I pay nothing and that was werbefinnanziert I had only E. Now I sometimes or often h + or 3G. Then it is no longer netzclub but netzclub + on my phone. Sometimes it is again without + and worse

The best answer

The operator O2 and E-Plus yesterday merged their networks. The new network now has this + at the end.

So does that power + Club and many places both networks can now be used :-)

I also use Network Club. The advertisement sounds more like the type of data connection.

3G UMTS = (fastest data connection)

H = HSDPA (data transmission method of the UMTS mobile standard)

E = EDGE (faster data connection)

G = GPRS (data link)

With me always network Club is whether 3G or GPRS

I feel the same, again stands with me when I 3G reception netzclub +, but not always.


On March 31, Telefonica has started the rollout of the national roaming between networks o2 and E-Plus. With more and more customers o2.de + or Base.de appear + as power indicator in the mobile phone display. However, the conversion is not always completely smooth, because some users receive a roaming warning.

Mobile users get Roaming warning

After the merger between the network operators O2 and E-Plus Telefonica working for several weeks on the merger of the two mobile networks. In more and more regions, national roaming is now available. For some customers, the changeover is not expected but have also brought a brief scare with itself.

So the reports that in addition to a new power indicator (+ or o2.de BASE.de) accumulate in forums every now and then the Roaming warning "The SIM card is located in the roaming mode" appears and in the middle of Germany. First reportedly delivers the warning and at irregular intervals, regardless of location.

Telefonica press office are clear

In general, the warning of the roaming mode to warn against the use of a foreign network in which to additional costs arising from calls or sending SMS. This now happens even domestically explained Telefonica Germany Spokesman, Klaus Schulze-Lowenberg, with the unification of the networks of O2 and E-Plus. Through the national roaming customers can now allowed to use the masts of the other network, which increases network coverage significantly and in some mobile phones leads to the warning.

From Telefonica spokesman says, "This is due to the firmware of some devices, but affects only a few thousand of our 42 million users. In 99.9 percent of the customers, the acts are not enough. "For most mobile phone users, the national roaming, however, would run completely in the background. Customers will receive the warning, however, have to worry about additional costs. Affected recommends Telefonica to disable the warning function.

Dangerous or costly could be the deactivation of Roaming warning, however, be for mobile phone users in border areas. Customers with an automatic network selection could thus unwittingly end up in a mobile network in neighboring countries, which as high in Switzerland roaming costs would result. Here the warning function should not be deactivated.

Source: http: //www.mobilfunk-talk.de/news/205143-o2-debase-de-roaming-warnung-irritiert -...

Hope I could help you

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