Power consumption at computer

Allso if on a computer packaging is "420W", in which time the computer consumes 420W ??

I know it is badly worded and there are a couple of spelling errors in it, but you kanns Read

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This is the maximum possible power that can deliver the power supply. one hour from the then maximum 0.42 kW / h

No. This is the maximum power that can provide the power supply. In normal operation, it consumes much less.

This simply means that the power supply can provide a maximum of 420 watts. The are so called even at maximum power. Watt is once no consumption but power unit. A unit of consumption it is, when you multiply with time.

If the computer so it runs for one hour at maximum power, then he consumes 420 watt hours or 0.42 kilowatt hours (kWh).

In an hour, of course;)

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