precious violin destroyed. Restoration?

Hello, my grandparents were broken and cracked the safe. They were formerly both successful violinist. Inside the safe is jewelry was worth 15-20,000 €, 170 years old violin my dead grandfather with a value of € 90,000 and cash of € 5-10,000. In addition, they let go with a flat screen TV and other items.

The burglars have taken only the jewelry and the cash and the violin badly damaged left (neck broken and scratched floor). Still worth a restoration?

The best answer

Were the instruments are not insured? For that is often the case with such valuable instruments.

to cut now from afar a judgment whether a temperature would be worthwhile, of course, is difficult. You should go in any case a violin maker, only he can say whether it would be worth and how much it would cost to repair. But most importantly: what is the violin worth to you? You should clarify how much you would be willing to pay and how important is the instrument.

If the violin is really worth 90,000 EUR (- who has since found there are about a valuation report?), Then repairs are worthwhile. The could possibly amount to several thousand euros, but would be useful at this value. Go with it at a good luthier. He will help you.

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