pregnancy test negative by psychotropic?

Hello Can psychotropic pregnancy test affect a? but have tested negative have today some strange symptoms that I never have otherwise zeahlen it. Red painful nipples abdominal pain as if you have an open sore, pain after orgasm and much white ausfluss..Gv I am 7.3 and 13.3 would have to for normal seeing that already show a positive opinion of it? That is why I ask for psychotropic

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  • So there are medications that can affect the outcome. But that's rather then the other way, saying there is, for example, by the use of antidepressants a positive result and one is not pregnant.
  • The test could have been made in your case too early. It depends on your cycle. If ovulation to 7. 3. was then he was at the right time. But after another traffic was (13.3.) He probably too early. Because you can only say approximately when ovulation occurs and if it was after the 13th 3, then the test was too early and was therefore negative, because the concentration of beta HCG was still too low.
  • If an egg has been fertilized, then this needs min. 5 days until they arrived in the uterus. Only then the hormone beta HCG is formed in order to maintain the pregnancy (formed by the fetus and placenta). Only after the implantation can take 7 days later can do a blood test to safely detect this hormone. A normal pregnancy test is feasible only 12 to 14 days after implantation. Before can not be made of, because the beta HCG must have a certain concentration, so that it is detectable in the urine. The HCG reacts with the antibodies of the SS test and thus can take place this reaction, he benötig a certain concentration.
  • Therefore you create once again a calendar to control the. Because if you're pregnant, you have to settle your medicines because they could significantly harm the fetus.
  • Go to a doctor, be it the family doctor and let you remove blood. It is safer than a urine test in your case. The result you usually after one day. Although actually no interference should be possible, you ought to play it safe. You can also go to your gynecologist and there have a test done. But because of your medications you ought to clarify very quickly. If you are pregnant you have to think with your doctor or therapist about an alternative to your current medications.

Abdominal pain as if you have an open sore, pain after orgasm

These are not signs of pregnancy. Go urgently to the doctor and let the clarify.

Because the drug - I do not think that has an impact.

Read for yourself:

http: // ...

The medications I may settle in no case take antipsychotics

What makes you think it merely that the signs of pregnancy? I bet on a disease and can detect and cure only the doctor.

Go to the gynecologist and let try there.

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