Preparing chicken liver for cats

Hi guys!

I bought 200g chicken livers for my two cats just do not know how I prepare them best. Hab about 10,000 different variants read in various forums. Have read that you can insert the liver in milk, because the more tender then. Then I would feel short inna frying pan because quite raw I find too risky. Does anyone have an idea what would be the best and tastiest of the two?

The best answer

Roh can offer without any problems, otherwise fry without fat, boiled otherwise chicken bone (bovine bone) and with a little broth (without spices, only bone stock with a carrot) pour, let cool briefly and offer.

Can you best feed raw. In liver must only pay attention to the amount. Too much Rohel liver makes diarrhea. But 200 g for how many? Cats. This works out.

Chicken liver You do not need to insert milk, it is tender. If you like raw not. briefly fry without fat, if possible, cut into pieces and serve.

even more tender? Cats are predators and carnivores who cope with yet another raw pieces Nchen than chicken liver. Give the liver raw.

how risky? each freewheeling cat has eaten already hundreds raw livers

Simply fry if you is raw suspect. done.

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