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Hello my dears!

I have to give a presentation about the Green Party. Unfortunately, I find the Internet nothing useful! Have visited 2 hours all sides and everything is messed up except the "story" The lyrics are much too long! An outline I have but if I look at the individual points of what the Internet is just rubbish!

Please help Best regards

The best answer

Hello, Here a presentation: Introduction The Greens (officially Alliance '90 / The Greens) are a political party in Germany. An important program priorities of the party include the preservation of the environment and social tolerance and equality. Presidents are Simone Peters and Cem Özdemir. It provides MPs in all German state parliaments and the Bundestag and the European Parliament. It also is involved in 8 (Stand 18.3.2015 likely soon to 9) state governments which puts them in a the prime minister. History: In the 70s originated in Germany many protest movements, among other things for environmental protection, equality and disarmament. On 30.September.1979 these movements joined the party "The Greens" together. There were violent clashes between "fundamentalists" (idealists the government investments of the Greens rejected and a very extreme Left had attitude) and the "realists" (realists set the realistic and pragmatic objectives and for government investments were). 1983 that the Greens with 27 MPs to move into the German Bundestag. In 1985, she could make a state minister with Joschka Fischer for the first time. This was environment minister under the Prime Minister Holger Börner in Hessen. After German reunification in 1990, the party ended with the peace movement in the East "Alliance 90" together. From 1998-2005 the party was the first and so far the last time in the federal government. They found uAden Foreign Minister. Current situation The Green filters currently in the German Bundestag, the smallest opposition party. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein they reign as junior partner under the leadership of the SPD with (soon probably in Hamburg). In Baden-Württemberg they put the Prime Minister in a green-red coalition. In Hesse they govern as a junior partner to the CDU. In Thuringia they rule as the smallest partner with Left and SPD. Substantive: The Greens refer in each topic following comments: - Environment: The environment must be protected werden.der environmental protection must be taken into account in economic, energy and transport. - Economy: The Greens are against a capitalist economy and for more intervention in major corporations. Globalization is considered critical in the present form. The party advocates a strengthening of SMEs a - Energy: The Greens are committed to the fastest possible implementation of the energy transition. They oppose coal / nuclear power. - Transport: The party is committed to the strengthening of public transport. The traffic they want strict regiment (eg .mit a speed limit on highways). - Work: The Greens are committed to a better treatment of workers. You are a minimum wage and an increase in the Hartz IV rate. -Gleichstellung: The Greens are for all social groups such as migrants, homosexuals but also women from all other are treated equally. - Interior / Justice: The Greens are against excessive surveillance by the police. - Defense: the party military operations principle is critical gegenüber.Sie advocated only in exceptional cases (zB1999 in Kossovokrieg). (Sources follow)

Are you serious?! Have recently only have to even create a presentation about this party and really had no problems to find something on the web! If you google returns too many results, then just check out the official website of the Alliance 90 / The Greens ^^ I'm sure there is enough!

I can piss me himself. Since I give even a the green and then comes there a lot.

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