Presented AMD Radeon HD 7259G for the wolf among us?

Hi, I'd like to get me the game "the wolf among us". Processor (2.7GHz) and memory (4GB) seem to be enough, the graphics card but I am not sure. At a minimum, specify "ATI or NVidia card w / 512 MB RAM". Presented my card "AMD Radeon HD 7259G" as well from? Thank you!

The best answer

but yes if only medium resolution at 40fps might

No that is not enough.

purely the values ​​seem at first glance, although to be ok, but you will the game on dienem laptop can not play smoothly, and the device so that "fry", Weil is just not a gamer laptop, but an office machine

Thanks for quick responses. The third opinion will decide =) And no typos I mean 7520G ... sorry.

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