pretty people Always obey for pretty?


A friend of mine get Komplimemte often that it is beautiful or good cards will have with women. He found but not beautiful, even more ugly. But he speaks with anyone else about it. Is that normal?

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Yes, take himself mostly different way as others do it .. Most people think that they are not pretty and if you tell them there ... but he for ugly adheres when it really looks so good ... do not know. way. a little one notices already (in my opinion) that one may look quite ok .. I can badly I estimate only know how it is with me

rather the reverse.

Many people, where is not there to see in a great light and my Germanys next top model would be only a way station.

others who really look great, plagued by doubts.

Be glad that he does not find himself so handsome. Vain men are just atrocious ... vain women also :-)

But are enough of the other. But beauty is not everything.

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