prevent hair when growing up?

Hey, I'm 20 un'm like any other person in this age an average hair growth. Of course I shave almost every day because it is a sign of health for me and I feel more comfortable a lot .. Now bothers me, however, that it comes back constantly and so on ... And I every 2 weeks to the hairdresser must .. now I wondered whether whether head or elsewhere Iwie can stop growing at the hair. Has anyone tips?

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With home remedies will not do. But there is of my knowledge, the ability to destroy hair follicles by laser treatment. That is then the responsibility of professionals and costs a lot of money.

only if you jeds single hair with the root away. So it is impossible. the hair is a natural ingredient of our body. by this same hair could (because hair to the time fat lot were) survive in the cold. hair is something completely natural and completely gone you will not get it.

When my hair grow almost (on the head!) Was happy

So for the body there Depilatory Cream :)

and on the head you can not do anything


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