Price difference lenses Apollo and Fielmann

Hello everybody,

maybe someone knows better than I ;-)

I need particular drive to the car glasses.

War now at Apollo and Fielmann. In Apollo there are different prices that are also available on dwer homepage. So cost plastic lenses AR coated etc. € 159 per couple. The best option even over 200 Euro.

Now I was just at Fielmann. There, the most expensive option is almost 90 euros per pair, superentspiegelt, plastic glasses lotuseffect etc.

Now to my question: I See About a catch here? That would be a huge price difference?

thank you in advance

The best answer

The most expensive option is not at Fielmann. There, too, there are different prices. The glasses, which were offered to you, are German quality lenses from Rathenow or from Carl Zeiss Vision. CR 39 (plastic with SHC), pair 87, - €; So what you have described. There are also premium Zeiss lenses, Rodenstock etc. which are ground flat and thin and costs accordingly more. VII. did you Apollo still the same such like to sell a premium glass without consulting you, that it be otherwise, is cheaper.

Yes, these price differentials between fielmann and other opticians are quite real.

The expensive should be Zeiss lenses, the cheaper a no-name variety.

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