Price for an Akita Inu? (Dog breed)

Hey, I'd like to buy an Akita Inu, but knew before like the approximate price. (For a relatov pup) Thanks in advance for any reply! (:

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I can still remember exactly that when I was as young as you, sitting in front of the boob tube and have looked at the film Hachiko. I really wanted to have this dog and terrorized my parents every day. Of course I did not get it ..... Back then everything crashed for me, but my parents had Recht..beide were employed and had little time and I was about to buy my Fachoberschulreife. therefore I did not know which direction I will take. Did it then also seen .... for now. I studied photography and am now self-employed professional photographer, that I am flexible, can I organize my time myself and am financially secure. Now I have an Akita Inu, I would not easily give up. However, I would advise you still have a little patience and especially seh not only the sweet Teddy in the dog. He needs a strong leadership ... at least he is rieeeesig and the Akita is a stubborn! I am a very patient, assertive person, but sometimes I'll look stupid out of the laundry, if he thinks again having to play the boss. Well ... a dog has to match his master: D I will not talk to you, but find out first where your path leads you professionally ... you can not an Akita hours leave home alone and then after 8 hours of work home come pet him just because he looks like a laughing Teddy Bear and 10 minutes with him for a walk gehen..das would be the worst for this Rasse..eigentlich for each dog.

Price is between 1200-1600 €

@rhenukia also whom you have read up on this race, go times breed club to a breeder or a, as you learn the dog know properly, learn people and know growers that you can stand with help and advice to the side from the start and all be able to answer your question would be ... important, that you suddenly do not have the UPPS-moment, and fall from all clouds whom the dog certain "maken" applies the tag

This varies depending on the breeder, you can expect up to 2000 so loose with 1,300. Inform dich doch mal the breeder himself:

We have in the Akita Club eV many helpful people who like to try to directly sell without you a dog to help.

a Nordic dog is very ansptuchsvoll and need pet experience and good knowledge concerning the Nordic charkatereigenschaften ...

it is in no way a dog for hundeanfaenger!

Nordic dogs are very unaabhangig, and by their obstinacy very hard to educate - it takes a lot of time.

a rasehund can be found here: and then enter the race -there check then breeders that you can write. a puppy costs at least 1000 euro.

you're 16 and can still do not buy you dog - after school you doing a ausbieldung or studierts - alos you've got certainly no time for a dog ...

@ Rhenukia

If you are already of age and out about this breed have exactly seeehr well read, then would not be your first question of the price and does not indicate you why?

Not every breed is suitable, and vice versa for each owner as well.

Everyone who purchases a pedigree dog looking where he such dogs buys and then he knows that are not cheap and each breeder will give him his price.

2 to 3 thousand euros from a breeder.

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