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Hey, at the stable where I ride is a horse for sale, a 5 year old gelding. My parents made me an offer that I could get him. Actually, I want that, too always and I know the horse so well, but he's just very clever, sensitive and temperamental. I have enough experience. But my absolute dream horse he is. I like him very much, but I really do not know if I am able to cope with. But what is not can still become, right? With a lot of ground work u. Trust exercises you can then grow into a unity. But there is also a riding instructor / heaters / acquaintances who can put maybe once a week on it. When I contrast endscheide I could stop anywhere else ride because I do not find riding school / Reitbeteiligung. Thus speaks more for the purchase. But I would like to catch me yet other opinions.


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If it is financially feasible, you always have enough time and a good knowledge of housing, feeding, education, behavior and diseases, please try it. My Sven I got as a weanling, we had many difficult times, but I would never want him to give up. He is now 10th


I would check with the owner if you can take the horse to sample time. So can you still think carefully about it ...

Hey :)

I am also of the opinion of gingerbread leonie. You can watch yes specially still a pros and cons list create what for and what is not to buy.

Best regards :)

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