Private photos public. on Google+?

Hey, today came to my Nexus 5 and I for several hours trying all the data from my iPhone to play on the Nexus, which actually works quite well. Now is my concern that my whole pictures which I will rüberspielen on the nexus of my iPhone all shared publicly on Google+, which would not be so beautiful that it even private photos are ... The Nexus 5 is since 2011 my first Android device, and it's all linked with Google+ and I know myself there is not really ... I hope I can help someone. LG.

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The upload to Google+, you can disable. Furthermore, the images are uploaded there times automatically be adjusted only as a "private" and thus are not visible to anyone.

And even if you can, they still always delete.

Have you ever tried to access an incognito tab or the like to your google + account? I think that you only think that this is public.

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