I have now decided to "execute" a self-made training plan. I have thought for the first week that I every night around 3 km (slightly less) in 20 minutes Jogge, then I'm doing a bit of strength training (of which I have no idea, I suspect that this is somehow true what I'm there); All in all, it takes so 30 - 40 minutes.

I weigh 80 kg currently at about 181 cm, which I believe is still just normal weight. My aim is to "convert" most of my fat into muscle mass.

My question would be:

  1. Am I doing too much (or too little) training?
  2. Can I ever reach my goals with my current training schedule?
  3. Also, I feel very limp; could be due to the training and the bad / questionable or normal?

Thanks for answers in advance, I'm completely inexperienced in this field.

Greeting, Enno

The best answer

When strength training you should eventually find a trainer in your gym, which tells you which exercises a right. If you want to burn fat, you should also pay particular attention to the diet. The diet usually makes more than training. The "exchange" of fat in muscles is not possible. You should first of all concentrate on one or the other. To build muscle, you need a surplus kcal and for losing weight, you need a reduced number of calories.

Hello! The most important thing is missing - your age. Too young each strength training is potentially dangerous.

I am completely inexperienced in this area <

Without this basic knowledge is at least hard strength training always dangerous.

I every night around 3 km (slightly less) in 20 minutes Jogge, then I'm doing a bit of strength training <

Thus already the errors begin. If even then only force and resulted in endurance exercise.

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

About Treibs not with the sport, too much is not good either! Unfortunately Exchange and is not as easy trainier easy, do NEN ordinary training plan, if you have any questions write me happy to, I know because of, for 2 years go into the studio. Jogging / Cardio is good, but it would make training more after weight training in the form of HIT. It depends on your strength training, what do you work there, being able to tell whether the plan is meaningful and effective.

Just drink after each power-workout protein shake! This is only a supplement to your diet & no substitute!

This is not a training plan. A training plan is made. The exercise sets and repetitions. If you specify that you can decide whether it is too much. Usually you can not make too much over the 40 minutes but.

More important than diet plan and everything else that's you doing the exercises clean. No jerky unnatural movements. Otherwise you doing you destroy your joints.

easy to make strength training as the blue, is reasonably adventurous and always carries the risk of causing by incorrectly performed exercises damage.

While jogging, you can not too much go wrong, but 20 minutes is not just the world. Effective it would probably, if you eg only every other day, but twice as long liefest. Toning not you'll characterized but reach.

If you have just started with sports and now one hour are active daily, it is no wonder if you feel tired. Listen to your body and do not begrudge him the recovery phase, it needs. Over time, you'll significantly more resilient to, but to start with is your workload probably a bit overkill.

NO! Let it be. If you're inexperienced, you then let rather create a training plan. Gibts people that make it to the gym. The will be adjusted to you that you do not too much and not too little. Otherwise you have your eating plan change, and that's a great effort, because from my own experience I know that you sometimes do not feel like having to eat what encouraging note is. Also you should be make from the coach. Because with malnutrition only more fat accumulates.

You must take with you especially your diet attention ... Good protein if you want to build muscle ..

80 kg at about 181 cm

How old are you ?

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