Can crevices to addiction are? So if you are forced to feel at scoring?

The best answer

A clear Yes.

1. When SVV one is busy and you do not think about the other bad things.

2. One can drown a pain with another pain. Do you hurt your hand and you hurt yourself on the arm, you will not notice for a moment your hand.

3. The body is designed so that it can overcome even extreme situations and can survive even the most difficult things. If you hurt yourself, your body responds to this pain and pours out adrenaline. Adrenaline acts similar to amphetamines.

The main reason the SIA's really just that the body releases adrenaline. One feels free - by the adrenaline. The brain stores then subconsciously the information from "If I hurt myself, I feel much better!" and if you find yourself the next time feel bad, tells your brain "Hey, hurt you Just then you feel better!".

But adrenaline acts compared quite short and is quickly absorbed by the body. This can also cause of injury from becoming more and more.

Greeting, Nazuga

If you look at 'forced' feels himself hurt, then it is in my opinion already addicted. So yes, self-injury can become addictive. Quite a lot of strength to you or the person!

Just let it be direct and do not worry about it. Everything can be addictive.

clearly can to be examined, but watch better at it does not happen. It leaves only annoying scars, and you'll just babble from your parents or friends! is best that when you have this feeling, either distract you, with Tv or so. But if there is less important more, you take a Hargummi, and beat it against your arm, usually it helps!

yes it can !! you do it a few times when you have problems and noted that you okay and then makes it again. and at some point you do it every time you have a problem. one feels a penetrated it. but does not apply to every people!

If you are not careful can do everything to addiction will rate you go boxes, builds good aggression and frustration from

Jaa may definitely. And stop is really very difficult so let it dear.

Yes! Let it never come to that!

Yes it is looking to. For me it was looking to.
When cracks are happiness hormone released as smoke while. '
Fang leiber not to ...
eventually they will nähmlich deeper, and remains the same pain. And the only thing that remains are scars ..

Yes ritzen addictive.

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