Problem with barking from the dog


namely I need a few tips. Here the problem:

My dog ​​(Chihuahua, 8 years, lived 6, 5 years with my mother and has 1, 5 years with me) barks constantly and insistently.

Once it rings at the door, or people walk past us or we visitors let in and he perceives sounds, for example. from the cellar come from my friend of his sister who lives there or he hears voices - he barks and barks and barks.

He is to not get a little bit quiet, now that's really totally annoying, especially since my friend and I now in the next three months you shopping for a new apartment and we in the House do not want to do this noise the other parties ...

When we have visitors, he jumps sometimes barking up the guests and tries to hands to grab, he is constantly running around to it and gauzt like crazy.

He's in a trance and react to nothing! He fixes the guests literally and not be on you until you sit down. Then he is quiet. Standing guests but then again - whether they want to or go to the toilet - he snaps back completely and then tracked them again barking.

We tried it with the scare method by dropping a key - no response or improvement.

With the spray bottle the same.

Commands such as seat or similar, he pays no attention.

We always try not to react tense or aggressive because that makes the situation even worse.

Counts the problem for Territorial?

It must be said, with my mother, he was in a daily contact high stress still on the edge - 5 children and a few other dogs. My brother has often annoyed him with his friends ... which turned out in retrospect. When he came to me he had no coat, because he has been scratched from stress. Now he is doing really well again, the fur is again beautifully and dense, but it can be also related to previous situations?

And above all, how can I change his behavior?

Danke schon mal for helpful answers!

best regards

The best answer


After what you wrote, the dog is simply unsafe! Would he defend his territory, he would not stop when people sit. Unfortunately, you have made it worse with your not scare. Of course he listens to no command, he is in the situation simply overwhelmed and under stress.

He just needs to learn that visitors pose no threat. Leave him in a room when company comes. If the visitors are there, you can get him to slow. Visitors should not look at him or talk to him. When he is quiet, praise and also give treats. Makes for a few weeks.

The characterizing ich..aber est is still a dog barking dog stop times some more / less as other must beschützen.wen someone comes to us he barks 5min later he sits almost on him :)

As the dog apparently has no education and was also annoyed, you should you take the good coach individual lessons.

You have in 1 1/2 years also nothing get. So seek help.

Go with the dog to obedience school, seeking professional help

I really think you have too much Martin Rütter watched on TV ... You've got the poor dog replayed his full program ...

And if it used with your mother went bad your dog, he with you now but it has much better, why did not you ever thought this dog to inflict upon a normal upbringing?

Counts the problem for Territorial?

No, this does not count the !!! When you good chemistry not between dogs and humans !!!

Maybe you should first of all like a puppy trying a trust between to provide you ...

This is relatively easy. The dog has you never subordinated and now plays the boss. He also thinks his territory and defend the need to protect you. This is quite logical from his point of view everything. Remedy There are only about a dog training school or a behavioral therapy (for dog and family).

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