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Ask the dog owners with appropriate experience or vlt. even a legal background. The whole thing has a story that I try to represent shortly. I live in a small settlement near the forest, consisting of 12 households. Of which there are 7 households dogs. Everything +/- easily to a dog keeper (3 dogs, 2 Bernese Mountain Dog, 1 Beagle) I also have 3 dogs (Shepherd Bordermix, Jack Russel mix, Fox), which are without exception while walking on a leash (Jagdtrieb !!!!!). 3 years ago violated a free-running in the woods Bernese Mountain Dog the stupid neighbor who has formally fallen on my 3 dogs, my "big", the pastoral border-Mix, so heavy that it had to be an emergency operation and costs of € 750th - have emerged. has, since the woman has neither apologized nor asked if in Beißerei something has happened, I have a complaint. She has received an administrative penalty because the dog was not on a leash, and had to pay the vet bills and court fees. There were even 2 negotiations, since it has denied at the first hearing that their dog has my hurt (although I a witness I hatte- had been traveling with a friend, and my vet testified that injuries my dog ​​in the head and neck had). She said that my dog ​​had itself violated (?????? how should a dog himself in the head and in the neck bite ???????). In the 2 negotiation then an expert was consulted, the bezügl the details of my veterinarian and my details. the injury confirmed she was convicted and had to pay. Of course, there is between the woman and me since the absolute "radio silence". She then took their dogs and for a time always on a leash, but for several months it no longer does so. And for several months are always my cars that are parked in a carport, peed. In approximately 1/2 m height, and it is much dried dog piss. I have unfortunately never caught "red-handed", but it may be only their Bernese Mountain dogs that make. All other dogs in the neighborhood are either small dogs or bitches. They can not lift the leg in such a height, or have the other dog owners also have the decency to not let their dogs pee on cars (this also applies to me), moreover, on private property (my carport is about 5 m within the plot, but not fenced). And otherwise come into our remote settlement almost never other dog walkers. How can I resolve the situation? Actually, it's trespass, when a dog runs 5 m in my driveway and then pisses on my car, right? And I do not want that peed on my car, I do not want so every few days in the car wash! What should I do?

The best answer

Pebbles scatter look like slug pellets or rat poison - has made with us in the area once a homeowner - there were also the "tutnixe" fairly quickly on a leash. Otherwise tension wire before the entrance, often helps even - only siet not so great

No, trespass is something else (you car and plot so freely at will use).

On civil side is that, if the vehicle is thereby damaged in any way, or you to avert a damaging charges are, of course, damage to property, for which the dog owner must pay. Provided that it is also proven to be not the cause of the damage.

Virtually all dogs laws of the countries contain provisions stating that the dog owner has to avoid or prevent damage and disturbance. To this end, the evidence is clear.

Furthermore, damage liability insurance by dogs generally. In some states such insurance to my knowledge is mandatory after this. That is, not the cause would not even pay themselves if the whole course does not happen intentionally.

From criminal relevance here is the damage to property (§ 303 Penal Code), which would be satisfied if the vehicle paintwork is permanently altered or damaged through the urine and the owner of the dog causes this intentionally. Trespassing (§ 123 StGB) is ruled out, as the land is not fenced. It should be noted that the damage to property pursuant to § 303c StGB is a relative antragsdelikt, ie it will only be prosecuted if made within three months of becoming aware of deeds and perpetrators a criminal complaint (§ 77b para. 1, 2 Criminal Code). (Without complaint, the prosecution is possible only if the law enforcement agency due to great public interest in holding a persecution of its own motion to offer - in your case unlikely.)

So much for the legal side. You can try to talk with the woman or put a sign next to your car to potential Pinkler (or its owner) to hold course. That not you have but of course. You can also ask directly display and a criminal complaint or claiming for damages. Only then you really should be sure that it is well said neighbor and no other, or better yet credible evidence have (observation through you, through others, confession, taking photos or videos ...).

Not be defeated;)

I would make a fence or hang up a cordon. Or an offensive sign on the car rear stick "pissing forbidden!" ;-)

Instaliert not you take a gets for 30 quite simple and good (got me a ordered on ebay) you shall indeed your private elementary filming far as I know.

It'd give stop also shut off plants, but this will also affect their own dogs. What's also stupid.

Otherwise I would you still ma the Office blacken the run the dog without leash.

You could also draw a fence, I would not do on principle. I'd buy me a camera.

I've paid more; (

Scatter times good meal in your driveway)

vice camera with motion detector, but may be used only on your land

The history is not relevant to the Autoanpinkelei. Dogs can leash. Cats who also left their mark on cars are not. In your place I'd seen a video camera installed with entspechendem sign. Anyone who wants to can then be caught in such a clear Beislage?

I'd love to help you to solve the problem ... Pinkel

It's just disgusting that my many dog ​​owners, their dogs are likely to allow on neighbor's land everything!

However, I allow myself time to note that it seems strange that the many dogs in your neighborhood, it should be just the two big Bernese Mountain dogs that because specialized anpieseln your property ...

It can provide the most pious not live in peace if it's the dear neighbors do not like ...

And so a stupid Beißunfall was then the beginning of a huge lousy neighborhood dispute and runs now to correct hatred addition ...

Sad but true...

Camera with motion sensor could help. But make sure that no public area is affected. It's just very sad u. Shameful that poor animals have been subject to the folly of their holders.

What should I do?

maybe you can, or a place of your family in wait and shoot photographic evidence ?!

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