Problem with dog .... what is that?

Our dog (Jack Russel) is 8 years old and makes them even more mischief are a few days. It looks like this: We go once a day with her for a walk and leave them otherwise up to 10 times a day in the garden. Unfortunately, this does no longer. Every time she stands in front of the garden gate and we want to let them out, she looks either stupid through the open door, or she runs to our bench and hiding under it, so that we only up to 5 times get them now a day out. Even while walking it is not as good. Every time I have gone half the distance they tried to turn and run away. When I then afterwards go or call, they should remain, then they did not listen when I went close to her and she wants to leash to prevent them from running away, she then puts NEN tooth ... Today problem, what we have so we have cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor. We had alone 15 am to shortly before 18:00 they tried 10 to get to get out, but they just did not. Alls then grade again ran to the door and we wanted to bring them out, came what always happened for a few days, when they refused to go out. She crapped in the kitchen. What can we do? To us they will not stop if it is to get out and when walking is even worse ... In addition, when going for a walk is to come no more, which makes them a heap or so but it marks only briefly at Ner distance of ca . 2 kilometers 4 bushes and that's it ... I know that 8 years at eg nEM Shepherd is a lot, in a Jack Russel but we had only half of life, but all the dogs before the Jack Russel, (2 German Shepherds and a Collie / Boxer mix), all of which were so not when they were old ... what shall we do?

The best answer

they were all so not as if they were old

every living being is nunmal differently, would be funny if everyone were the same!

Is often walk the dog, 1x daily. Is far too little and only garden use too monotonous for the dog!

Incidentally, can make with 8 years even for small dogs already various aging noticeable!

Let the vet times make an age check. From 8 years this is highly recommended!

Go long unknown paths with her. The smells in the garden can be used.

Regardless of the recent attitude it's all now to the current problem and this should be a TA See you urgently. Such changes may already be close to mental / physical deficiencies. Only a TA can figure it diagnostically.

When was the last time because thoroughly examined your dog? So for example, a blood picture with the body profile made?

likely is the garden kot * boring. why you go out only once a day? It's like in jail.

how about out go just once to often and the locations of different. will you only see always the same?

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