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Hi folks :) I need sometimes quite urgent help. So I wanted to buy minecraft, went to the page and then click "Get minecraft". Then you can create a new account since so and will not do with me already. I entered everything and then I'm on create, but then there is error. If I go make all but the tablet from that and I get to step two. Can I buy the whole also from the tablet and can then later go to the PC on the account and play minecraft? Or is it not possible? I'm on all matters grateful :) I hope one of you can give me an answer

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Buy it on the tablet (I rate but from, prefer you buy it on other pc) inc then lied you're with your account on pc on.

You can buy the full game on the tablet. When are you going to download Minecraft, you're going to, can log in with your account and invite you down the launcher. Enter in the launcher again account data and select version, the version will be downloaded and then started. Have fun

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