Problem with myself! What to do?

Hey guys, I have a little problem lately I have a strange feeling as if something is going to happen in inner I tell myself hey others your life I add me often wonder what am I doing here? I am somehow become different, you know what this could be? Will something happen? Do I live my adventure soon?

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Locker, otherwise we are in the realm of prophecies ( "self - fulfilling prophecy"), the only reason to meet, because these fears and forebodings cause to do an about what one suspects or from what one is afraid.

Example: You afraid of something, for example, that something bad happened. Due to the fear you are so tame and jittery that this bad thing really happened. If you were stayed calm and clear-headed, would be nothing happens.

Conclusion: Always keep a clear head in order to respond appropriately to the future. For panic and Huch and Ah there is no reason in advance. The strange feeling may simply be something hormonal, the weather, a change within yourself (in your body is much biology and chemistry, there are changes and uneasy feelings nothing unusual). -> So keep clear head and good.

Some people really have a premonition when what will happen. This is nothing supernatural but simply be your subconscious that small things linked and gives you a "gut feeling". This may be true, but is what happen can tell you no.

What happened then? Talk to someone you trust, maybe that person can help you.

Adolescent vll?

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